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Sid Verma 540-1103
Bhima Sheridan 647-3628
Executive VP:  
Vicki Davis 734-4385


Updated 8/28/14
by Kellie Whittaker




PTA News

Welcome Back!

Welcome to all students, teachers, staff, and families!

Find out what's going on at our school! Please sign up for the MX E-tree, by sending an e-mail to:

The first PTA meeting of the year will be held on Wednesday, September 17. Free dinner and childcare! Bring your kids. Dinner will be from 6:15-7 and the meeting will run from 7-8 pm. Please join us. Together we can!

One More Month

The "One More Month Campaign" invites all families to contribute One More Month of what they budgeted for preschool, childcare, or summer camp.

Money raised by the PTA is essential to funding our school's enrichment curriculum (art, gardening, music, drama, dance, field trips, and performances). To read more, and to contribute, click here.

Contact Anna Brock ( and Michelle Oram ( if you have any questions.


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