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Malcolm X contacts:
Principal: Alexander Hunt

Secretary: Lyzanna Chairez
Home Sch. Liaison: Dawn Robinson
Curriculum: Jai Waggoner

Records: Maru Hiratzka
Phone: (510) 644-6313
Fax: (510) 644-6297

Malcolm X PTA contacts:


Joshua Room 705-1250
Marian Mabel 548-4185
Executive VP:  
Vicki Davis 734-4385

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Updated 6/17/14
by Kellie Whittaker




PTA News

Have a Great Summer!

School will begin again on Wednesday, August 27. Until then, enjoy your summer and be sure to do lots of READING!

Remember to check the Lost and Found for your child's belongings before the end of the school year!

Thanks for Supporting the PTA Raffle!

Our best ever Raffle--thanks to Anna Fogelman and her amazing team of parent volunteers! We raised $45,000 for our school!

The Silent Auction Was a Huge Success

We raised the most money ever at the Silent Auction Dance Party on February 22, 2014 -- over $33,000 ! Thanks to all the parents and MX staff who came to the party and ESPECIALLY to those who volunteered at the event! Michelle Oram and Sara Wolf once again did a tremendous job as the event organizers. And - it is time to find new Silent Auction event organizers for next year. Please contact Michele at or Sara at if you are interested.

Freshly Picked Produce from Farmigo

Are you thinking about eating more healthy, local, organic food, and helping others? Here's your chance! Order by Sunday midnight each week and you can receive your fresh Farmigo produce on Wednesday from 1:30-3:00 pm at the picnic tables just outside the MX garden. Ten percent of all proceeds go directly to the MX PTA. We've raised over $2000 for MX since October!

To sign up and place your order, go to

If you have any questions, please contact parent Becky Matthews at

Zachary's Pizza on Solano Contributes!

Together we raised $249.35 for our school with the pizza fundraiser at Zachary's on Solano Avenue on January 13. Thanks to all families who participated and to Zachary's Pizza! Special thanks to Erika Pollak for organizing.

Thanks to Mrs. Dalloway's Bookstore

Mrs. Dalloway's Bookstore contributed 20% of the total purchases made by the school community during November 22-24 back to the school. That total came to $492.27! Thanks to all MX families and staff who participated in this fundraising event, and especially those who bought books for the library's wishlist!

Phil's Sliders Contributes Over $300 to MX

Our fundraiser at Phil's Sliders (2024 Shattuck in downtown Berkeley) was a big success! Phil's donated 15% of the revenues from MX families who came to eat on November 4th, with the total donation coming to $323.44. The sliders were great (mini-cheese and bacon burgers or mini-fried chicken sandwiches), as were the homemade tater tots and organic milkshakes. Thanks to Erika Pollak for organizing this event and to all the MX families who came to support our school!

Walk-a-Thon Thank-You's

Two hundred and thirty-five MX students came out on Saturday, Oct. 19th to raise money for our school at the Walk-a-Thon! Kids earned laps for walking around the school, reading, dancing, sprints, and jumping rope. Thanks to all the parents, staff, and faculty who made this event such a huge success.

In particular we want to thank Mr. Hunt for opening the school at 8:30 am, Ellen Bernstein for setting up the reading area, Rivka Mason for providing fresh fruits and veggies, Holly Scheider for running the registration, Youth Spirit Artworks for the mosaic tile station, Hanna Kahn for donating the hula hoops, Harry Overstreet at Bald Head Production for keeping the beats going, Gogi Hodder for the sandwiches, Debbie Arthur for the composting stations, Jenne King for the Senegalese Coffee station, Lyzanna Chairez for supporting communications and facilities, Lori Freedman and Alexandra Perlof for gathering prizes, and the MX janitorial staff (LaRon, Bart and Isidoro) for helping with clean-up and general good vibes.

Special appreciation goes out to co-organizers Tami Stewart and Carvell Wallace for another fabulous job with the Walk-a-Thon!

T-Shirt Design Contest! The Winner Is...

Congratulations to MX kindergarten dad Todd Matthews! He is the winner of the 2nd Annual T-shirt Design Contest!

A special thanks to everyone who submitted an entry. Every design entry received votes from the community and made for a truly great contest.

Ordered t-shirts will be distributed to your child's backpack during the week of October 14th.

Thanks to Dan Ross (winner of last year's MX T-shirt design contest) for organizing this year's contest!

Rolling Drop-Off

The Rolling Drop-off Zones on King and Ellis streets are staffed by MX parents/guardians, with a different class providing parent participation each week.

When it is your class' turn, please sign up to participate for a morning. You will be shown what to do, and it takes very little time: One parent must arrive at 7:55, and the rest from 8:00-8:12. Ideally we need 4 parents to staff the Ellis drop-off zone, and 3 to staff the King drop-off zone.

Participation benefits ALL students, not just the families who drive their children to MX. It keeps EVERYONE safe by helping the car traffic flow smoothly around the school. It also enables children to get to school on time (because parents don't have to find a parking space blocks away and walk in with their child).

Volunteers Needed!

Parent/guardian participation in school and classroom events makes a huge difference. Below are just a few of the jobs for which parents/guardian volunteers are needed this year (2013-2014). For more information, please contact Volunteer Co-Coordinators: Sofia Zander, 486-8339, and Barbara Foltin, 655-6324.

--Friday News editors and Spanish translators (weekly)
--Latino Families Liaison
--E-Scrip and Berkeley Bowl Scrip coordinator
--Traffic Safety Committee
--Room Parents
--MX Library (reshelving and organizing)

Malcolm X School Elected as an Ashoka Changemaker School for 2013

Malcolm X has been elected a Changemaker School for 2013, by Ashoka, a group dedicated to advancing social entrepreneurship. Social entrepreneurs are individuals with innovative solutions to society’s most pressing social problems, tackling major social issues and offering new ideas for wide-scale change.

Ashoka strives to make empathy, teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving ("changemaker" skills) as valued in education as traditional academic skills, so that all students find their voices and can make a positive impact on the world.

In order to achieve this goal, Ashoka has created the Changemaker Schools Network, a national community of leading elementary schools that serve as models for cultivating these skills in students. Schools in the network share best practices with each other and benefit from opportunities to collaborate with other schools, connect with Ashoka's partners, present at conferences, and more. Malcolm X's election as a Changemaker School recognizes the importance our school places on developing social achievers as well as academic achievers. Together we can!

The Raffle and Spring Fair: A Big Success

We raised over $34,000 from the Raffle! Congratulations to Alishba Shabir (third grade) for being the top individual student raffle ticket seller, and to Ms. Montmorency's third-grade class for being the class that sold the most tickets! The grand prize was an iPad, with the drawing held on May 17th at the Spring Fair.

Our Spring Fair was terrific! There was a lot of camaraderie, great music provided by DJ Dan Rosenbach (, lots of food (special thanks to Dream Fluff Donuts for providing sweet treats), many games and activities such as apple bobbing in the garden, bicycling and bike repairs (provided by Cycles of Change), a special science/microscope table from Lawrence Berkeley Labs, a great photo booth dreamed up by Marian Mabel, huge bubbles provided by Jason Wilkinson, the ever-popular Parent Relay Race, a wildly successful (and very tasty) 4th grade bake sale, and a fantastic raffle turnout.

Big thank-yous to all the families who helped with the Raffle and Spring Fair! For the Raffle, families helped obtain raffle prizes, make up raffle packets and distribute them, helped their students sell tickets or came to the Raffle Counting parties. For the Spring Fair we had over 100 MX parent/guardian volunteers working at the event, plus families brought food to share and donated like-new toys for our Prize Exchange. We have such a great school community at MX! Together we can! Thanks to April Swartz, Raffle Chair, and Kellie Whittaker, Spring Fair Chair, for putting on these events.

Taiko Drumming Performance

In honor of Asian American Heritage Month, our school celebrated with a spectacular taiko performance by Jiten Daiko, a local taiko ensemble. All students (and some parents) were able to attend the Monday morning performance on May 13th, 2013. Thanks to teacher Joemy Ito-Gates for arranging this. Our kids are so fortunate to be able to attend music performances like this one, in addition to field trips to UC Berkeley's Cal Performances and regular visits from the Berkeley Symphony.

Discovery Night with the UC Berkeley Starlab

On the night of Tuesday, April 16th, 2013, MX kids were thrilled to discover a planetarium (complete with astronomer) in the auditorium! Discovery Night was a huge hit, with many astronomy and math-related activities ranging from the planetarium show to making Solar Cookies to math games with Mr. Ducharme. And a free dinner was provided by the PTA! Thanks to Amy Rocha and Anna Butterworth for organizing this amazing evening.

Silent Auction Raises Over $22,000

The Silent Auction and Dance Party was a huge success this year, netting $22,480 for our school. The event was held off-site at Uptown Body and Fender, with drop-off childcare provided at the school so that parents/guardians/staff could attend the event. A great time was had by all, in addition to the successful fundraising! Thanks to co-chairs Sara Wolf and Michele Oram for putting on this amazing event. Join us for the next one in January 2014!

PTA Gives MX Library $10,000 for Books

In December 2012, the PTA membership voted to give the MX library $10,000 with which to buy new books. Our wonderful librarian, Jennifer Gordon, has gone through our entire collection and identified both fiction and nonfiction books that are priorities to purchase and/or update.

Mrs. Dalloway's Contributes Nearly $500 to MX

Thanks to Mrs. Dalloway's Bookstore for their school-supporting fundraiser during the weekend of November 16th-18th, 2012. MX received 20% of all the money that MX parents and community spent at this event! Plus our librarian and some teachers made wishlists and many parents contributed books directly to the school. That meant we got new books AND 20% cash back for the school!

Phil's Sliders Contributes Almost $300 to MX

Our fundraiser at Phil's Sliders (2024 Shattuck in downtown Berkeley) was a big success! Phil's donated 15% of the revenues from MX families who came to eat on October 10th, with the total donation coming to nearly $300. The sliders were great (mini-cheese and bacon burgers or mini-pulled pork sandwiches), as were the homemade tater tots and organic milkshakes. Very family-friendly atmosphere and prices. Thanks to Erika Pollak for organizing this event and to all the MX families who came to support our school!

Malcolm X Arts and Academics Magnet Elementary Named as a 2012 California Distinguished School

Malcolm X has been selected as a 2012 California Distinguished School, the second time that MX has received this prestigious award (with the first award coming in 2006). Our signature practices include the arts program and the balanced literacy program. Our principal, Alexander Hunt, pointed out that "this recognition is an affirmation of the excellence and dedication of our staff, the promise of our students, and the cohesion of our school community."

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