About the Malcolm X garden

In the garden at Malcolm X Elementary School, it isn't only the world of science that
opens up to young children. Yes, children learn about science in the garden, but isn't it all
connected? The cycle of life, where our food comes from, working together, mathematical
concepts, artistic expression, language arts, ethnicity and culture, history and economics ...
... the list continues as does our creativity.

To read more about the MX School Garden and our teacher Rivka:

Read the Malcolm X School Garden blog, "School Under The Sky"!
SF Chronicle, 5/20/2007: "JEFFERSON AWARD Presented to Rivka Mason. Thanks to her, a green movement is taking root in Berkeley"
Berkeley Daily Planet, 5/29/2007: "Malcolm X School Gardener Wins National Service Award"
Berkeley Daily Planet, 4/1/08: "BUSD Marks Cesar Chavez Day"
Berkeley Daily Planet, 3/27/09: "Berkeley Students Honor Cesar Chavez"

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