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Updated 8/30/14
by Kellie Whittaker





About Malcolm X Elementary

From kindergarten to 5th grade, students at Malcolm X School know that it is an exciting place to be! The talented teaching staff provides rigorous instruction in all content areas, enriched by the integration of the visual and performing arts into the curriculum.

Our students’ success has not gone unnoticed; Malcolm X has twice been named a California Distinguished School (2006 and 2012). Our school has also received awards for Title One Academic Achievement (2009) and California Excellence in Arts, and has twice been named as a California Business for Educational Excellence Star School (2009 and 2012). Further, our school has also been named as an Ashoka Changemaker School (2013). Ashoka strives to make changemaker skills (empathy, teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving) as valued in education as traditional academic skills, so that all students find their voices and can make a positive impact on the world.

To read more from our principal, Alexander Marcos Hunt, click here.

About the MX Garden

Our school has a 4,000 square foot garden as part of the enormous playground, and an award-winning garden teacher! Rivka Mason won Channel 5's "Jefferson Award" in May 2007, honoring the positive effects of her outdoor "life laboratory" classroom on the children. Read more about the garden here, as well as Rivka's MX garden blog, School Under the Sky.

About the MX Library

We are lucky to have Jennifer Gordon as our librarian. She is an experienced children's librarian who is passionate about making the MX library a welcoming and exciting place for readers of all ages and levels.

The Malcolm X school library collection (and other online resources) can be freely accessed online at

About Extended Day Programs at MX

Child care programs and tutoring at MX (X-Plus/ Berkeley LEARNS, BEARS)
After-school enrichment classes, sponsored by the PTA